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Recharge Recenter with Heartstrings

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore" - Andre Gide

Come join Mimi as she facilitates and will show us how to explore (from a Buddhist Contemplative Practice) practicing energetic exercises, meditation and a Reiki circle, all to replenish our own wells.

We invite you to join us at Studio Soir for an afternoon of community to support your practice. We can recharge and re-center before starting the week with raising individual awareness, which is the key to unblock, move and transform your energy so that you can reach your highest potential!

Space is limited, Investment of $27.00 per person.
Early Bird Price until Friday 4/7 at noon

Then tickets go up to 35.00 S...aturday 4/8

and $40.00 at the door on 4/9

Send “payments” via venmo:
to avoid fees.

Please bring mat/blankets, paper/pen, bottled water and wear comfortable clothes.

Come well rested/avoid any intoxicants and drink lots of water before the class.

About the Facilitator -

Reiki works through the biofield (Aura), the local energy channels (Chakras) and the energy pathways (Meridians). These areas of the body govern specific organs, glands and areas of the nervous system. As Reiki energy moves through the energy highways of the body, the body is encouraged to fall into a deep relaxation state which allows it to amplify and increase the energetic frequency of the tissue, providing a powerful, natural healing effect throughout the body's systems.

Later Event: April 10
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