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The Art of Portraiture


About The Authentic Movement...


T.A.M  focuses on events in the creative arts, conscious well-being and building authentic connections. We invite wellness facilitators, artists, writers, musicians, vendors, brands to share their gifts with our community.

We love to support locals, however, Miami outsiders are always welcomed to propose ideas!

The Authentic Movement is the name of the organization putting this vision together. We are a team that wants to build authentic bridges to elevate our community.

Jacqueline Soir  is a contemporary photographer and a conscious art advocate. Graduated from New World School of the Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with highest honors in Spring 2014.
She is instinctively drawn to creating visual metaphors relating to the subconscious/unconscious mind. The obscure images may evoke feelings or emotions that most individuals rather ignore. Soir is an advocate for bringing the shadow side or what is "hidden" behind the persona, to Light. A modern day "modernist" in search for the higher Self. Her art style is a paradox between figuration and abstraction, setting the mood towards enlightenment.
Most of her influences come from avant -garde movement, the Surrealist movement, Eastern philosophies and her personal spiritual experiences.

Anika Rae is a Creative Wellness Advocate who was raised in sunny Miami, Florida. She is a 3rd generation medium/psychic intuitive who has a deep devotion for the healing industry and helping others come back into connection with their own personal pure divine nature. She has worked within the spiritual community and with individuals all around the world using her unique skills to tailor and guide her clients to come back into the pureness of their authentic core state.