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SOIR- Story of my artist name

Soir is an introduction to the Night,

Where the moon and the stars shine Bright.  

Where dreams and thoughts take Flight.

Explore your Night through, til the divine shine of the Day Light.

Soir is "the evening" in French.

In my mid twenties I was very lost in my career path. I had no idea of what I wanted to "be".  I was fighting depression and a lot of insecurities.  It was a constant battle in my mind.  Changing jobs every 3 years, changing majors in school that  I had to drop out. After about 9 years of uncertainty I asked myself a simple question:

" What has been consistent in your life ? What do you like to do?  and the answer was "Art". 

How can I go to art school?How will I make art a career?"  I asked myself as if not deserving of it. 

I use to paint portraits from my imagination.  I painted other worlds and anthropomorphic figures. I painted cathartically. I was craving transformation, simultaneously within me and with the outside world. It was all a blank canvas.

Because I was too insecure then, I couldn't fathom attaching my real name, Jacqueline Rios, to my art and  like magic, SOIR was born. Rios backwards. It gave me that a push to go for it, it made me feel safe. Now I keep it because I love it, it is me, backwards and forward, inside out.

That's when I knew I needed to go to art school. I build up courage and a portfolio for a few years  and decided to send it to New World School of the Arts, in Miami, Florida, where I got in and changed my life forever! Here  I am making my dreams come true straight from the heart!

I had never felt more in my element as I did then. Photography became my medium, the camera became my magic wand!  I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. I've had  exhibitions abroad and  I have my work in  public and private collections. I built my creative foundation in art school and since then I have been strengthening my tools, building my business and brand to better serve you!

Creating a legacy photo shoot for every day women and men is my calling. I have worked in most aspects in production from make up artist, wardrobe stylist, production assistant to even making props, and I love it!

I  plan, direct and produce shoots to make sure my client's essence comes through elegantly, alluring and beautiful.

Your portrait is your legacy. This is your story.

Now, how do you want to be photographed?

Jacqueline Soir